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Onshore Hydrocarbon Engineering Center (OHEC) undertakes Engineering and Consultancy Services for onshore Hydrocarbon Pipelines and Oil & Gas Field Development projects covering Design and Engineering.

Our Engineering capabilities cover the project life cycle from Feasibility Studies including Costing, Basic Engineering / Front End Engineering & Design (FEED), Detailed Engineering, 3D Modelling, Special studies including Safety, Seismic Analysis, Lateral and Upheaval buckling, River Morphology, Stress Analysis of buried Pipelines / Surface laid Flow Lines, Special analysis includes Steady State Analysis, Transient Flow Analysis, Project Management Services, Procurement Assistance and related services.

Our experienced professionals work on the state-of-the-art tools / software like OLGA, PIPELINE STUDIO & PIPESIM, Stoner, SPPID, SP3D, PDS, SP Instrumentation, CAESAR-II, ETAP, STAADPRO, MAT3D, TEKLA Structures, etc., to address the complete spectrum in design from Flow Assurance to Detailed engineering.