Asset Performance Improvement

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A wide range of Asset Performance Improvement solutions from L&T effectively extends the AM Consulting offerings, by implementing the identified or recommended solutions on the ground and demonstrating the benefits/performance enhancements envisaged in the strategy formulation phase.

Scope of Asset Performance Improvement

  • Reliability Improvement

    Study and analysis of multi-dimensional factors affecting reliability of assets and providing services for its improvement 
  • Energy & Life Cycle Cost Improvement

    Services for improvement of energy consumption and reduction of overall O&M cost of assets through their life 
  • Productivity & Quality Improvement

    Services for assessing worker productivity, implementing productivity improvement measures and enhancing quality and workmanship to minimize cost due to wastage or rework 
  • Asset Life Extension

    Identification and implementation of specific measures to extend useful operating life of assets within the prescribed norms of safety, reliability and environmental protection.