Innovation is the credo of L&T Group in all the diverse businesses it caters to. L&T’s unique tagline, “It’s all about Imagineering”, aptly captures our innovative spirit. The Vision Statement of the Company envisages all employees to be “Innovative, Entrepreneurial and Empowered”. And our Hydrocarbon business is no exception to this enduring tradition of Innovation. ICONS stands for Immense Contribution of Noteworthy Significance.

The scheme was launched in February 2006 and focuses on recognising innovation and excellence in every sphere of our business operations - be it business development, engineering, procurement, construction or project management. The three evaluation parameters being considered are ‘Innovation’, ‘Benefits’ and ‘Stretch’. More than 2000 employees have been recognized through this program since January 2006.

To mark the Silver jubilee of the ICONS programme, the best of the ICONS were felicitated in a grand ceremony. The ICONS programme has been a true success story in nurturing and reinforcing a culture of innovation in the organisation.