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We provide bespoke Modularization Solutions from conceptualization & engineering to fabrication, transportation, and installation on a single-point responsibility basis to truly deliver the benefits of modularization.  

AdVENT has developed expertise in modular engineering of process units for Hydrocarbon applications to deliver cost and time-efficient projects. Our solutions offer flexibility in schedule to align with construction and concurrent fabrication, while providing customized solutions especially for revamp projects.  

The integrated modularization solutions are offered by pooling in our strengths and facilities. These include:

  • Three strategically located modular fabrication yards
  • Smart sourcing through a vast network of suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Logistics management through a global delivery network covering land, sea, and air routes
  • Efficient installation/commissioning, utilizing our rich experience on large global EPC Projects. 

Benchmarked through leading certification and accreditation systems, AdVENT’s engineering work processes offer consistent quality with on-time delivery. The vertical also offers state-of-the-art multi-D Modelling solution.