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L&T’s Asset Management team leverages in-house capabilities and over 3 decades of EPC Project experience to offer high-end Asset Integrity services, covering a range of critical assets. The team comprises certified Integrity professionals, who use state-of-art techniques and software tools to offer best-in-class integrity assessment and remedial solutions.

Scope of Asset Integrity Services

  • Health Monitoring & Diagnostics

    Specialized services for real-time monitoring of equipment condition, identifying root causes behind malfunctions and determining remedial measures for improvement of asset health 
  • RBI, FFS & RLA

    Specialized studies for determining risk-based / optimized inspection strategy, fitness of assets for intended operations and extension of useful life of assets.
  • Energy & Environment Audits

    Audit services for analysis of energy consumption at plant, quantification of impact on environment due to operations and benchmarking with best-in-class performance parameters 
  • Corrosion Risk Assessment & Control

    Specialized studies for identification of corrosion mechanisms, assessment of risk due to corrosion damage and implementation of remedial measures to control / mitigate such risks