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The Asset Management team brings together the organization’s Hydrocarbon domain expertise, superior Project Management skills, rich field experience and multi-dimensional capabilities across the L&T Group to offer a wide range of Consulting services to Clients. L&T’s AM Consultants closely engage with Customers to perform need assessment, carry out benchmarking and gap analysis, define “As-Is” and “To-Be” states and formulate appropriate strategic roadmap. The offerings go beyond technical consulting scope to encompass Organizational, People-related and HSE-related dimensions.

Scope of AM Consulting

  • Asset Strategy Development / Optimization

    Strategic Asset Management service to derive the highest value from plant assets through development of objectives, plans and actions
  • Operations & / Or Maintenance Strategy Development / Optimization

    Development of Asset Management (O&M) strategy for customer
  • Materials Management

    Consultancy services for development of strategy, supervision and optimization of materials management including smart analytics on real-time market data
  • People Management

    Consultancy services for customer’s organization building and competence assurance for plant operations, maintenance and management
  • Asset Information Management

    Consultancy services for development, improvisation and management of all asset information and data to achieve high integrity across historical data as well as future activities 
  • HSE

    Consultancy services for improvement and upgradation of HSE performance at plant
  • Benchmarking

    Study and analysis of asset performance, operations and maintenance practices for benchmarking against “best-in-class” industry standards 
  • Energy Management and Optimization

    Study and analysis of historical and real-time energy consumption data and providing advisory support for improvement of energy performance of assets 
  • RAM Analysis 

    Consultancy services to analyze the impact on production of various changes to the system configuration, operating philosophy and maintenance strategy, as well as the impact on the achieved system performance, through sensitivity analysis and availability improvement measures