The LTHE Offshore Engineering Centre puts its expertise to work for customers across the world through a host of offerings:

  • Process Platforms & Complexes

    Apart from the Heera Process platform and Enron’s Tapti Process platform engineered earlier, the MHN Process Platform and Living Quarters project engineered recently has put Offshore Engineering Centre among a select few engineering companies globally to have engineered a project of such magnitude and complexity.

  • Wellheads Facilities

    Our service portfolio, covers over 60 greenfield wellhead platforms.

    The engineering diversity of platforms engineered by us is summarized below:

    • Topsides facilities & application: Smart Wellheads up to 16 slots capacity, Flare Platform, HPHT Wellheads and Well-pad (onshore)
    • Deck lift Weight. (Single Lift) Up-to 2400 MT
    • Jacket weight: up to 8000 MT
    • Pile diameter:  up to 84”
    • Pile depth: 120m


  • Floating Facilities


    Our capability and impressive track record in FPSO topsides engineering in recent years, backed by insights into the procurement and construction priorities of major international clients, has helped in positioning us as a valued engineering partner for clients looking to build and operate FPSOs.

    We have engineered 7 complete FPSO (Floating, Production, Storage & Offloading facilities) topsides detail engineering projects and one Concept/FEED project.

    Case Studies:

    • FPSO Cidade de Campos dos Goytacazes (MV29)
  • Jack-up Rigs

    The Offshore Engineering Centre has engineered two major revamp and upgrade projects for Jack-up Rigs.
    Our portfolio of Jack-up Rig engineering services includes:

    • Stability analyses, motion response analyses, inputs to installation procedures
    • Structural analyses for in-service and pre-service (load out, tow, etc.) conditions
    • Design of yard supports & equipment foundations
    • Study & selection of drilling equipment
    • Hull extension/provision of additional tanks in hull due to increase in water depth
    • Drill floor & cantilever strengthening
    • Study & engineering for replacement of hydraulic jacking & cantilever skidding system to gear & motor type.

    We have also performed engineering for two major Jack-Up Rig refurbishment projects: the FD-VII rig, which was resurrected after large-scale destruction during Hurricane Rita, and ONGC’s Sagar Uday rig upgrade and revamp. 

  • Modular Engineering

    Apart from engineering complete facilities for fixed platforms and floating facilities, we also engineer standalone modules which are tendered out separately by clients in order to expedite procurement and fabrication.  For these modules, we perform complete engineering within Battery Limits including detailed modelling of pipes, supports, structures, insulation equipment, material handling, cable trays, etc. leading to clash-free engineering

    Some of these topside facilities / systems include:

    Process Modules / Packages: Oil separation and treatment, Gas separation, MEG reclamation systems, Gas compression and Gas Dehydration & Sweetening units, Produced water treatment systems, Seawater treatment and Injection systems.

    Utilities Modules / Packages: Open / closed Drains, HP / LP Flares, Power Generation systems, Gas Turbine generators with waste heat recovery units for generating Hot water, Sea water treatment systems, Water injection systems, Chemical Injection modules, Fuel gas skids, Utility air systems, Potable water systems, Service water & cooling media water systems, Fire water systems and N2 Generation systems.

  • Subsea Pipelines & Systems

    The LTHE Offshore Engineering Centre has a strong pipeline engineering group, offering a wide spectrum of design services:

    • Flow Assurance & transient analyses,
    • Pipeline sizing, material selection, procurement assistance for pipeline projects
    • Surge Analyses in Liquid Pipelines and Pipe Networks
    • Transient Hydraulic Analyses in Gas Pipeline Networks
    • Advanced Submarine Pipeline Stability Analysis
    • Steady State hydraulic analyses

    We have engineered multiple pipeline crossings and shore crossings in environments from tidal mud flats to Coral Reef areas.

    Our strategic areas of focus include design of pipeline systems, manifolds, templates and engineering support for installation.

  • Living Quarters Platforms

    We have engineered Living Quarters and utility systems for Accommodation platforms of up to 150-person capacity. As a significant differentiator, we model the entire platform i.e. HVAC, Piping, Plumbing, E&I Cables in 3D. This leads to a control on clashes at fabrication yard saving time and costly rework.

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