Living Quarter Platforms

  • Our track record consists of EPCIC of 9 Living Quarter Modules. Following are some of the executed EPCIC projects:

  • Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), New Water Injection South-R Project- 1 Water Injection Platform, 100 men Living Quarter Platform and major modification works on existing platforms.

  • Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), Bassein Development Project – 1 Process Platform, 45 men Living Quarter Platform, 1 Wellhead Platform, 12 km subsea pipelines, bridges and modifications at BPA complex Western Offshore, India. The project was being monitored by the Govt. of India and the project was completed ahead of schedule.

  • Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd, Process Cum Living Quarter Platform (PLQP) – 1 Process Platform with integrated 45 men Living Quarter, flare tripod, 2 connecting bridges and modification work on connecting well head platform on the East Coast of India.

  • Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), MHN Process Platform & Living Quarters Project – India’s largest process complex comprising a 26,500 MT Process Platform, 1 Living Quarters Platform, 3 Process Gas Compression Modules, 2 flare platforms with jackets. The 13,500 MT 8-legged process platform was fabricated in a record time of 11 months.

  • Qatar Petroleum, PS-2 & PS-3 Living Quarters - Upgradation of two 45 men Living Quarter, power module, F&G upgrade, 3 jackets and four bridges.