Installing India’s Heaviest Hydrocracker Reactor

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19 June 2019

Weighing a whopping 1,858 MT the Hydrocracker Reactor forms the heart of HPCL’s Full Conversion Hydrocracker Unit (FCHCU) set up at the Vizag refinery.

On June 18, 2019, a team from our Construction Services vertical pulled off an amazing feat by erecting and installing India’s heaviest Hydrocracker Reactor unit weighing a staggering 1,858 Metric Ton (MT) at Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited’s (HPCL) Vizag Refinery.

Manufactured at L&T’s storied Hazira Manufacturing Complex, the Hydrocracker unit is one of the two reactors which form the heart of a Full Conversion Hydrocracker Unit (FCHCU) set up at the refinery as part of a major expansion project that’s expected to boost LNG production from the current 8.3 MMTPA (Million Metric Tonne Per Annum) to 15 MMTPA.

The erection and installation of the 1,858 MT Hydrocracker Reactor marked the completion of an important milestone for the FCHCU project.

Given the reactor’s massive dimensions, the project team employed MSG80 3200MT Mammoet crane which required a foundation of 90 BCIS piles and a circular RCC ring 10 m wide and 750 mm thick. The hardstand of the crane, consisting of pile-foundation, was designed for a load bearing capacity of 40 tons per sq. m.

The FCHCU Reactor was transported from L&T’s Hazira jetty to Hindustan Shipyard Limited, Vizag, by barge. From there it continued its onward journey to the site on two parallel Multi-Axle Hydraulic Trailers – which set yet another record for being the heaviest equipment ever transported on Indian roads.