Conquering the Dhamra Challenge

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19 December 2020

Successful Roof Air Raising of the first of the two LNG Tanks it is building for DLTPL at Dhamra, Odisha.

No matter how many times you see it, it never ceases to amaze you. To witness a giant 855 MT concave-disc like structure, rise gradually, on nothing but air, to a height of approximately 40 meters to cover a massive concrete tank - 84 meters in diameter - is almost surreal. Just ask the members of the Dhamra LNG Tanks project team that made this unbelievably complicated task seem like a walk in the park.

On December 18, 2020, after months of meticulous planning and preparation, our project team working on 2x180,000 m3 capacity, full containment LNG storage tanks for Dhamra LNG Terminal Private Limited (DLTPL) performed what it describes as “the most critical” part of the project – Roof Air Raising.

Designed to cover a purpose-built tank that can withstand cryogenic temperature of -170 Deg C, the dome roof was constructed inside the tank, parallelly along with the outer tank wall.

The Roof Air Raising operation required months of careful planning and co-ordination between the in-house engineering, project management and site operations teams. The crew responsible for the job underwent several rounds of intense training before the actual event.

The activity began in the wee hours of December 18, 2020, after a thorough check of Roof Guiding Systems, Sealing, Electrical and Blower Systems. The raising operation went off without a hitch. After a few nerve-racking hours the roof was perfectly balanced at 11:17 am.

As the roof touched compression ring, L&T-ites watching the event live at multiple locations praised the dexterity of the crew and congratulated the entire project team.