Refinery Projects

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  • Clean Fuel / Fuel Quality Upgradation Projects / Motor Spirit Quality Upgradation (MSQ) Units
  • Crude and Vacuum Distillation Units
  • Hydrotreater & Hydrodesulphurisation Units
  • Residue Hydrodesulphurisation Units
  • Catalytic Reforming & Isomerisation Units
  • Hydrocracker Units
  • Hydrogen Generation Units
  • Visbreaker Units
  • Delayed Coking Units
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) Units / Resid FCC Units
  • Sulphur Recovery Units / Tail Gas Treatment Units
  • Acid Gas Removal / Amine Recovery Units / Sour Water Strippers
  • Lube Base Oil Units
  • Solvent /Catalytic Dewaxing Units

Major Projects

Diesel Hydrotreater / Hydrodesulphurization

  • DHDT project for MRPL at Mangalore, India (Capacity: 3.7 MMTPA, Licensor: Axens)
  • DHDT Project for IOCL, Panipat, India (Capacity: 3.5 MMTPA, Licensor: Axens)
  • DHDT project for IOCL, Digboi, India (Capacity: 0.33 MMTPA, Licensor: UOP)
  • DHDS project for Kochi Refineries, India (Capacity: 2 MMTPA, Licensor: Axens)
  • DHDS project for HPCL, Visakhapatnam, India (Capacity: 1.8 MMTPA, Licensor: Axens)
  • DHDS project for IOCL, Mathura, India (Capacity: 1.0 MMTPA, Licensor: Axens)
  • DHDS project for IOCL, Panipat, India (Capacity: 0.7 MMTPA, Licensor: Axens)

Motor Spirit Quality Upgradation / Isomerization / Catalytic Reforming

  • MSQ Upgradation Project for IOCL, Panipat, India comprising Naphtha HDT (0.41 MMTPA, Licensor: UOP), PENEX Isomerization (0.4 MMTPA, Licensor: UOP), Reformate Splitter (0.47 MMTPA, Licensor: Axens)
  • MSQ Upgradation project for IOCL, Mathura, India comprising Light Naphtha HDT , Penex Isomeriser, Reformate Splitter, FCC Gasoline Splitter, Sour Water Stripper and Tail Gas Treatment (Licensors: UOP, Technip-KTI)
  • Isomerisation Plant for MRPL, Mangalore, India comprising Light Naphtha HDT, Benzene Saturation & PENEX Isomerizer (Licensor: UOP)
  • Naphtha Hydrotreater & Catalytic Reforming Unit for CPCL ,Manali, India (Capacity : NHT - 0.29 MMTPA, CRU - 0.22 MMTPA, Licensor: Technip)

Sulphur Recovery Units

  • Sulphur Block & Associated Facilities for IOCL – Gujarat, India (Capacity: 2 x 300 TPD SRU & 600 TPD TGT Unit. Licensors : Black & Veatch (SRU and TGTU), Toyo (ARU and SWS))
  • Sulphur Recovery Capacity Enhancement Projects for KNPC, Shuaiba, Kuwait. (Capacity: 2 streams, each revamped from 350 TPD to 700 TPD, Licensor: Parsons)
  • Sulphur Recovery Capacity Enhancement Project for KNPC, MAB, Kuwait (Capacity: 3 streams, each revamped from 250 TPD to 400 TPD, Licensor: Parsons)

Lube Projects

  • MG3 Lube Base Oil Project for Petronas Penapisan, Malaysia (Capacity: VDU – 19,500 BPSD, HDT-13,000 BPSD, Licensor: ExxonMobil Research & Engineering)
  • Lube Oil Base Stock Plant for HPCL- Mumbai, India (Capacity: 0.2 MMTPA,  Licensor : ExxonMobil Research & Engineering)
  • Solvent Dewaxing / Deoiling Unit for IOCL, Digboi, India (Capacity: 0.21 MMTPA, Licensor: UOP)

Hydrogen Generation units

  • Phase - III Refinery Project of Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals, India (Capacity: 70,000 TPA, Licensor: Haldor Topsøe)
  • Guru Gobind Singh Refinery of HPCL Mittal Energy at Bhatinda, India (Capacity: 2 x 44,000 TPA, Licensor: Haldor Topsøe)
  • Indian Oil Corporation at Panipat, India (Capacity: 2 x 70,000 TPA, Licensor: Haldor Topsøe)
  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation at Mumbai, India. (Capacity: 49,500 TPA TPA, Licensor: Haldor Topsøe)
  • Chennai Petroleum Corporation at Manali, India (Capacity: 45,000 TPA, Licensor: Technip, France)

Other Projects

  • FCC Reactor Regenerator Section (INDMAX) for IOCL at Paradip, India (Capacity: 4.17 MMTPA, Licensors: IOCL R&D and CB&I Lummus)
  • Coke Drum System Package for IOCL, Panipat, India (Capacity: 2.4 MMTPA, Licensors: ABB Lummus Global)