Health, Safety & Environment

Health, Safety & Environment

At L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering, safety is our core value. We are committed to our safety excellence journey to achieve zero harm to anyone associated with us. We strive continually to improve our processes, demonstrate leadership in building HSE skills, and ensure compliance to Corporate HSE policies and the Group HSE management system.

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Strategic HSE Objectives

We set and achieve measurable and continual improvement in our HSE performance through the implementation of the Strategic objectives.

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HSE Management System

Our HSE Management System (HSEMS) outlines the structured approach necessary for all our operations to manage HSE risks and drive HSE improvement in a consistent and systematic manner. Each element defines the requirements of all employees and stakeholders to achieve the outcome in a clear and comprehensive manner. Our HSE Management System is modeled after OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standards. This approach helps us realize the HSE aspects of our vision, mission and values.



Golden Safety Rules

L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering has in place 15 mandatory Golden Safety Rules, which are followed by all the employees and contractors. These rules are formulated based on the mapping of high-risk activities. The rules set out simple and clear “Do’s” and “Don’ts” covering activities with high risk and are deemed to be safety-critical and with zero tolerance for any deviation. Strict compliance with these rules is ensured through the management system, not just for the employees but also for the contract workforce.


Safety Innovation School

L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering's Safety Innovation School provides Occupational Health and Safety training to our employees and contractors. SIS training programmes are different from formal theoretical safety training as the focus is on experiential learning, i.e. learning by doing & experiencing.

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Proactive Safety Intervention

At L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering, we believe in proactive safety intervention. We have several initiatives and enable this, including:

  • Safety Leadership Training
  • Behaviour Based Safety Programmes
  • Integrated HSE Procedures
  • Group HSE Assurance
  • Credible Rating system
  • Online HSE Performance reporting system
  • Engagement & Consultation
  • Campaigns such as L&T Safety Day, World Environment Day, National Safety day, Road Safety Day to reinforce our commitment towards HSE

HSE Performance

We strive for continual improvement in our HSE performance. Though there has been an increased quantum and complexity of work in the last three years, the Safety performance at L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering has significantly and visibly improved over the years, which is evident in the fall in Incident Frequency Rates.

We benchmark our performance against the worldwide industry standard.


IOGP V/s LTHE HSE Performance - The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP), has been collecting safety incident data from its member companies globally. The data collected is entered into the IOGP safety database, which is the largest database of safety performance in the Oil & Gas Industry. The above graph shows the comparison of L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Safety Performance V/s IOGP



L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering has bagged many prestigious awards from National and International agencies. These recognitions comes as part of our sincere efforts & immense commitment to health, safety and environment.

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Client Recognition

KOC GC 30 Project : Achievement of 20 Million Safe Man-hours 

"Congratulations to all of you for this great achievement, which could not be achieved without your dedication, commitment, efforts and support towards HSE."

Aamir Rasheed - Safety Engineer, Projects Support Services Group, KOC 

"I am not surprised that all of you have achieved this fantastic achievement of 20 million safe man-hours. To list a few of the efforts that have help to achieve this success: Culture evenings, Medical campaigns and other HSE campaigns, Safety competitions and award ceremonies, Sporting events like cricket and football matches to build teamwork, Lectures on stress management. I am sure that everyone’s family will also be proud of this fantastic achievement."

Gary Fraser - HSEQ Project Manager, Amec Foster Wheeler KOC PMC

ADMA-OPCO - Nasr and Umm Lulu Phase-1 Project

"We are happy to confirm LTHE has successfully completed the early phase of the Field Development projects of Nasr and Umm Lulu. LTHE have performed diligently to achieve overall timely completion of the projects for production with highest quality and safety standards of ADNOC."

Sameh Seddik - Sr. VP, ADMA-OPCO

RoSPA Gold Award 2017

“Congratulations on achieving this milestone. No doubt it’s a remarkable achievement with the support of all team members. Keep the same spirit.”

Aamir Rasheed - Safety Engineer, Projects Support Services Group, KOC

PDO - SNDC-2/KDC-2 Projects:  1 Million LTI Free Safe Man-hours each

"Great HSE milestone, many thanks for all involved and looking forward for your continuous commitment and support to complete the project with zero incident."

Mr. Said Maktoomi - Central Project Delivery Gas Portfolio Manager, PDO