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AdVENT focuses on holistic solutions to maximize Operational Efficiency, Reliability and Availability of critical Assets. Our key offerings include:

  • Asset Integrity Studies (RAM, RBI, FFS and RLA)
  • Asset Performance Improvement
  • Reliability and Availability enhancement solutions
  • Cost/benefit analysis using appropriate digital platforms. 

We also offer pipeline integrity solutions (CP systems, ECDA/ICDA studies and pipeline health assessment), plant de-bottlenecking and troubleshooting services, energy optimisation studies and root-cause analysis of failures based on specialised studies. 

Efficient management of Revamp, Upgradation and Plant Turnaround programmes is crucial for any Hydrocarbon facility. Through a dedicated and experienced team, AdVENT offers Plant Turnaround Services to enable clients to effectively implement Shutdown/Turnaround programmes for complex process plants within the targeted cost, schedule and safety performance.