Modular Fabrication Facility – Hazira India

Modular Fabrication Facility – Hazira


This facility is part of the L&T Group’s 300 hectare manufacturing complex at Hazira near Surat, with several state-of-the-art units for manufacturing of latest generation offshore platforms, refinery, petrochemical, power, nuclear, aerospace & defence equipment and specialised vessels.

Located on the river Tapti, this facility has unimpeded passage to the Arabian Sea, 8 km away. Set up in 1988, it has set multiple benchmarks in fabricating and loading out offshore / onshore structures for Oil & Gas majors.

With an annual man-hour capacity of 15 Million Man-hours, the Modular Fabrication Facility at Hazira is capable of manufacturing several large modules simultaneously. It is also equipped to undertake mechanical design of modules including structure, piping, pressure vessels, fabrication and construction engineering. Fabricated modules are tested and pre-commissioned at site for trouble free and rapid hook-up.

The facility is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 29001, OHSAS 18001 and has a Certificate of Authority to use the API monogram for products manufactured as per specifications API 2B, and is also authorised to use ASME ‘U’ & ‘S’ stamps and NBBI’s ‘R’ stamp.


  • Area: 550,000 Sq. m
  • Jetty:
    • Main Jetty: 200m
    • L-Jetty: 80m
    • Ro-Ro Jetty: 60m

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