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We leverage our rich experience in EPC Hydrocarbon projects, ranging from offshore Wellhead Platforms, offshore/onshore Process Packages to Hydrogen, Chemical and Fertilizer plants to provide expert services such as Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Process Plant Start-up support. We envisage critical pre-commissioning and commissioning steps and meticulously plan these activities so that start-up is done in safe and timely manner. This is complemented by our in-depth knowledge of chemical processes that ensure smooth plant operations. Our start-up support to clients is technology oriented and guided by advanced engineering capabilities.

Our comprehensive understanding of chemical processes coupled with the use of systematic decision-making and problem solving approach enable us to provide high-end technical services for operating hydrocarbon plants. We offer wide range of technical analysis that spans from plant performance evaluation, benchmarking to debottlenecking and revamp studies. We also offer technical assistance for root cause analysis by carrying out diagnostic evaluation of plant and machinery. Our multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals provides a range of value-added solutions to meet customer requirements.

Pre-commissioning / Commissioning Engineering Support

We focus on detailed planning of pre-commissioning and commissioning activities during the engineering phase of a project to ensure successful, trouble-free process plant start-up. Our range of services typically includes:

  • Developing pre-commissioning and commissioning sequence and integrated planning schedule
  • Preparing pre-commissioning organisation chart, mobilisation plan, manpower histogram
  • Reviewing process documentation from start-up point of view and participating in critical safety system reviews such as HAZOP, HAZID
  • Vendor selection and management for activities such as chemical cleaning, catalyst/adsorbent loading, sensitive leak test and flange management
  • Reviewing pre-commissioning and commissioning material take-off, consumables, personal protection equipment, vendor and general pre-commissioning spares
  • Conducting training program for Client’s operators

Support to Pre-commissioning, Commissioning Site / Fabrication Yard

  • Preparing pre-commissioning system dossiers
  • Piping system cleaning/flushing/steam blowing along with column and vessel internal inspection
  • Conducting no-load test for motors
  • Vibration & Noise Mapping for baseline data
  • Conducting functional test for rotary equipment
  • Supervising hydro-test, chemical cleaning, catalyst/adsorbent loading, flange management and leak test for all systems
  • Supervising box-up activity and conducting system conformity checks
  • Carrying out gross air leak test, high-pressure leak test using nitrogen, sensitive leak test using N2/He
  • Drying and inertization of piping system and equipment including preservation
  • Lube oil flushing for compressors and pumps
  • Supervising refractory dry-out and alkali boil-out, post dry-out inspection and certification of refractory lining
  • Supervising special activities such as string tests for process gas compressors, catalyst activation for ammonia synthesis loop and hot potash/amine passivation for acid gas removal systems
  • Carrying out molecular sieve drying before intake of hydrocarbon
  • Providing plant ramp-up and optimization services with measurement and logging of key process parameters
  • Preparing PG Test procedure, conducting PG Tests and preparing test reports

Operations Support services

  • Plant performance evaluation study
  • Troubleshooting services for process packages such as refrigeration package, molecular sieve based dryer package, Expander-Compressor, gas dehydration, gas sweetening units and process gas compressors
  • Plant utility optimization study
  • Steam circuit optimization in Ammonia/Urea plants
  • Revamp studies that include development of process simulation and process flow diagram, preliminary cost estimates for modifications and new equipment and development of new operation guidelines
  • Debottlenecking and capacity evaluations
  • Effective production capacity utilization study and operating parameter recommendations
  • Health check-up services for existing plant equipment
  • Capacity upgradation consultancy services
  • Retrofitting analysis and services
  • Energy conservation studies
  • Relief device and flare system evaluations
  • Utilities evaluations
  • Process optimization Studies
  • Operating procedure development
  • Process documentation development
  • On-Site operator and engineering staff training
  • Process commissioning and start-up assistance
  • Maintenance and shutdown management services
  • Machinery Diagnostics & Failure Analysis, Dynamic Analysis (Frequency Response, Transients), Fatigue Analysis, Non-linear Contact analysis and Thermo-Structural / Fluid-Structural coupled field analysis
  • Root cause analysis for equipment failure
  • Piping design and stress analysis and Fitness for Service (FFS) assessment