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We have a dedicated multi-disciplinary team specialized in product and modular engineering of systems for the onshore Process Industry. Our key offerings in this segment include:

Reformers, Fired Heaters and Cracking Furnaces

We have engineered large number of fired heaters, reformers and cracking furnaces in Refineries, Petrochemical Complexes and Fertilizer Plants across the globe. Our service portfolio includes complete system design and engineering, including convection module design, structural and piping design, waste heat recovery system design and selection of critical components such as burners, refractory, coils etc. We also have expertise in carrying out thermal design of certain types of API fired heaters.

Cryogenic Tanks, Terminals and Air Separation Plants

We have capabilities and experience to carry out detailed engineering of cryogenic systems. Our portfolio includes detail engineering around double-walled tanks for storage of ethylene, propylene and LPG and detail engineering of Regasification facilities of LNG. Expertise also exists in detailed engineering for cryogenic air separation plants for oxygen, nitrogen and argon, with liquid storage and vaporization facilities.

Modular Engineering

There has been worldwide trend towards more and more modularization of the plant design and construction, since modular plant design and fabrication offer distinct advantage in terms of superior quality, overall cost reduction, reduced fabrication time and ease of construction at site. Over the years we have developed proven track record in modular process plant design and engineering, which includes modularized CCR Regeneration Unit, Reformers, Cracking Furnaces and other process systems.