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Our extensive interaction with process licensors and experience of executing EPC projects have helped us acquire expertise in Gas Processing technologies and advanced process simulation capability. We provide basic engineering design services for Wellhead Platforms, Water/Gas Injection Platforms, Offshore/Onshore Process Facilities including process packages such as Process Gas Compressors, TEG based Gas Dehydration Unit, MDEA based Gas Sweetening Unit, Dew Point Depression Unit, Vapour Recovery, Condensate Handling & Fractionation, Produced Water Conditioning, Sour Water Stripper, MEG Injection and LPG Recovery Units.

Our resource pool includes experienced professionals aided by advanced engineering software to support our clients in the best possible manner and offer them significant value proposition.

Offshore Wellhead Platforms

Offshore Wellhead Platform is the first process block for extraction of hydrocarbon resources from reservoirs. We provide:

  • Basic engineering and design services for Wellhead platform facilities, typically covering choke valve, production manifold, well fluid testing facilities, utilities, safety and maintenance systems

Gas Dehydration

Gas dehydration is necessary for prevention of hydrate formation, thereby enhancing pipeline life. We provide:

  • Technology evaluation and selection for gas dehydration techniques, such as molecular sieve based adsorption, low temperature separation, MEG injection and TEG based absorption
  • Customized basic design engineering package for TEG based gas dehydration
  • Product gas water content of up to 5 lbs/MMSCF and minimization of glycol losses up to 13 liter/MMSCM
  • Multiple reboiler configurations such as Hot Oil, Steam, Gas Fired and Electrical Heating Coils
  • Proposal for BTEX recovery methods to mitigate environmental challenges

Gas Sweetening

Sour Gas Treatment (gas sweetening) is essential for avoiding corrosion issues and maximizing catalyst/adsorbent life for downstream unit operations. We offer:

  • Basic design package for MDEA based gas sweetening unit along with activators like piperazine
  • Rate based process simulation
  • Product gas specification of < 4 ppmv of H2S and < 0.5 mol% of CO2
  • Absorber designs for selective CO2 and H2S removal with multiple feed tray configurations
  • Energy optimization and heat integration schemes for existing facilities
  • Technology evaluation and selection for licensed gas sweetening processes
  • Recommendations for acid gas disposal process schemes, such as acid gas scrubbing, SRU, TGTU, incineration and H2SO4 production to meet the regulatory norms

LPG Recovery

We provide complete basic design engineering package for LPG recovery units with focus on:

  • High propane recovery of up to 90% and stabilized condensate with RVP of <18.5 psi
  • Process scheme with Expander-Compressor for optimization of dryer load and power consumption
  • Molecular sieve based dryer system design to minimize the regeneration and compression costs
  • Improved refrigerant network design and efficient heat integration using aluminium brazed heat exchangers

Flow Assurance Studies

We carry out flow assurance studies (using OLGA) for optimum system selection, including:

  • Well fluid characterization, flow regime / liquid surge analysis
  • Determination of water removal to prevent hydrate formation and estimation of MEG/methanol injection rates